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Once a selected tree has been cut, the logs are stored in the shade to avoid rotting, checking and splitting.  They are also protected with paraffin to avoid deterioration due to rapid dehydration.  Put to the lathe, the turning blanks are evaluated by craftsmen with great artistic skills, trained and experienced in that art.  The creation of each piece is a challenge but at the same time a delight, since in the turning process they try to show best the exquisite designs formed by growth rings.  These rings result from decades under the cycles of dry and rainy seasons.

Wood species we work with

We work with Bolivian Rosewood (Machaerium scleroxylon) and its sister species Tipa Wood (Machaerium angustifolium), both trees that frequently reach 100 years of age. We also work with Canarywood (Centrolobium microchaete) and Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril), as well as several other species considered “common construction woods”, rarely used in artistic crafts.